the various types of acne and their causes


The various types of acne – Acne is a common inflammatory disease of the skin. The scientific term for this skin disease is acne vulagaris.  Usually, acne breakouts occur when the skin structure that includes the hair follicle and sebaceous glands, known as the pilosebaceous units, goes through changes because of hormones or other reasons.  Symptoms usually include pimples, spots, and zits.  The term acne is of Greek origin, and is a combination of the words “acme”, which means “skin eruption” and “bacne” or “backne” which is a type of acne that shows up on the back instead of the face.

Acne is commonly found in pubescent people, or teens.  For teenagers, acne is considered the body’s way of reacting to hormones in the body, as during this age the different hormones are fluctuating wildly.  These fluctuations tend to level out over time, so for many people the acne breakouts will decrease or disappear as they enter their 20s. It is impossible to predict how long it will take acne to disappear for an individual.  Nearly everyone will deal with acne at some point during their lifetime.  Some people continue to have acne as adults, especially women.  In women, it can be aggravated by the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or changes in birth control medication, since all of these factors affect the hormone balance of the body.

There are various types of acne.  Acne vulgaris is the type of acne commonly seen in teenagers.  Acne rosacea is more often found in adults.  This type of acne appears as a red rash that is localized to the patient’s face.

Acne keloidalis nuchae is also known as pseudofollicultis nuchae.  This acne rash is a result of irritation caused by shaving.

Acne conglobata is also known as hidraenitis suppurative.  This type of acne is actually abscesses and boils on the sweat glands and hair follicles.  Comedogenic cosmetics can clog pores and bring about acne breakouts.  It can sometimes be avoided by wearing non-pores clogging formulations.

Acne medicamentosa is a form of acne caused in response to a change in medication.

Baby acne is a rash commonly seen on newborns.  In most cases, only your dermatologist will be able to positively identify the type of acne that you have, as well as the best treatment for it.


About Pimples

Acne or Pimples is a skin disease commonly found in all circles, especially teenagers. The causes include heredity factors, hormone imbalances, bacteria, psychological pressure, and climate

Usually acne appears in adolescence, but adults also not uncommon to experience it. for women, pimples can arise when dating months or pregnant and can appear anywhere on the body, not only in the face.
In addition, allergies to certain medications can also stimulate the growth of acne.
The emergence of acne is also often associated with the consumption of certain foods, like nuts, chocolate, or fried.

Yet there has been no research results that strengthen this suspicion.
All types of pimples, blackheads good, ordinary acne, and acne is very helpful stone

Vitamins For Acne

A variety of different acne treatments are currently available on the market. These treatments range from chemical products to natural vitamins for acne. If your body is lacking in the building blocks necessary to treat acne, no amount of chemical products will serve to eliminate acne.

This kind of vitamins is taken melted under the tongue.

Vitamins for acne control garner noteworthy success for many acne sufferers. Acne is often an outward sign of internal conflict. The implementation of a consistent program to introduce vitamins for acne treatment can dramatically increase your chances of defeating acne. Do you really think that the big name companies that sell the useless acne products of today care that their products don’t work?

Also, if taken in the right proportion synergistically, some vitamins can prove fairly effective in helping the system to clean itself of biological debris faster that prescription medications. One of the main causes of acne in adults is stress. Why? Much of the reason that introducing natural, healthy foods into the diet reduces acne is because these foods address existing vitamin deficiencies within the body.

As you can see, vitamins play a major role in the health of and appearance of our skin.

The actual causes of acne occur inside the body, and are generally hormonal in nature (which is why acne is so prevalent among teenagers whose hormones are often going haywire). For this reason, it’s quite likely that taking the correct balance of nutrients in the body can help in the treatment of skin conditions such as acne.

One popular tool in the fight against pimples is the Vitamin B5 acne treatment. Thousands of people suffer from acne. Billions of dollars are spend each year on ineffective acne treatments. Scientists have finally discovered a link between vitamin B5 and clear skin. This is good news for those acne sufferers. Acne is no different. As a result, using a Vitamin B5 treatment, on a regular basis, may provide an acne solution for you.

The vitamin B5 acne treatment has a relatively simple explanation. The vitamin B family has a number of functions. It promotes healthy nerves, skin, eyes, hair, liver, gastrointestinal tract, and brain function. If you cannot acquire B5 through your diet, you simply must get it through some form of supplement in order to maintain a healthy body, including healthy skin. Also a good multi vitamin contains other essential nutrients which can help clear your skin, like vitamin A, and supplement those vitamins and minerals that you aren’t getting in your diet.

The benefits of a B5 supplement

-Stops serious oil gland production before it starts
-Prevents facial acne
-Prevents body acne
-All natural, so there are no harmful side effects

Acne Scar Removal

Acne is a difficult problem to deal with. No one would ever want to have a face scarred by acne. The good thing is you can benefit from an acne scar removal.

You have basically two options to deal with your acne scars. You can choose from the best acne scar removal available in the market or you can also create your own mixture of natural ingredients to treat your acne scars.

If your acne scars are severe, it is best to visit a dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment of your acne scars. Your dermatologist may provide you the most appropriate acne scar treatment. For mild to moderate scarring, you can choose from among the best acne scar removers the one that fits your needs the most.

You can create your own mixture of natural ingredients to come up with your own version of the best acne scar removal. The best acne scar remover is to start with the natural treatment of your scars, then reinforced by dermatologist recommended procedures as the need arises. If yes, then I recommend you use the techniques recommended in this great scar removal guide: The Scar Solution. The techniques recommended in the Scar Solution Guide have already helped thousands of people allover the world; treating just any type of scars, thus enabling them to have a clear and smooth skin tone.

Today Acne Scar Removal has become as simple child play. There are several ways one can adopt for Acne Scar Removal. Its best to recommend a skin doctor before one goes in for Acne Scar Removal. The Dermatologist will check the type of your skin and on the Acne Scar and on that basis he would recommend a particular method of Acne Scar Removal.

Acne Scar can make your skin completely out of shape and irregular, so one should go in for Acne Scar Removal as soon as possible. One of the most popular ways of Acne Scar Removal is by using Acne Scar Removal cream. However the Acne Scar Removal cream may not be of help for every one. In case one is suffering from serious Acne Scar then he should go in for Laser Resurfacing, which is an effective method of Acne Scar Removal.

In some clinics doctors use Dermabrasion, which is another method of Acne Scar
Removal. In this type of Acne Scar Removal method a spinning brush is used to wear down the surface of the skin. Depending on the what type of Acne Scar the patient is suffering from, the doctors would suggest the suitable Acne Scar Removal methods.
Acne Scar Removal methods may not completely cure your skin but can give good results. So one should always discuss his problems with the Skin doctor before choosing an Acne Scar Removal method.

Acne Skin Treatment

There are a lot of natural acne skin treatment available. It treats acne from the inside out.
Clear Pores (TM) Facial System is like the ‘Rolls Royce’ of their product line. Natural therapists all agree that the best place to start treating acne is by looking after the insides of your body.

The treatment

Its not enough to just apply topical creams, lotions and gels in the hope that acne will never come back. These are great to clear up any of your existing spots, but not enough to prevent new acne from forming. If you use this approach alone, you’re left chasing your proverbial tail. The cycle of new spots appearing continues. Even the best acne medicines agree you have to look at – and treat – the imbalances within your body. Topical creams and gels have their place however. And Clear Pores’s(TM) natural acne skin treatment recognize this fact. So whilst the herbal natural acne treatment capsules are detoxifying your body, the high tech transdermal delivery system is treating your current acne outbreak.

This synergy of products makes the treatment so powerful. The transdermal delivery system really maximizes your skin’s use of the active ingredients, putting your money to its best use. One of the side effects of the harsher, chemical based cleasners that use ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, is dry and irritated skin. For some that’s a small price to pay, but its not a price you have to pay. If you dry out the skin too much, you also run the danger of your body trying to compensate by producing too much oil.

How they really work

You might be wondering how these natural acne tratments work. The herbal capsules, cleanser, and gel are based on old, time proven Chinese herbal extracts. They work to regulate your hormone levels, clean the endocrine system, detoxify the liver, and relax the nervous system. Its a thorough, multi-system approach.

And the high success rate is related to that.
The topical therapy has anti-bacterial properties that defend your skin against the acne bacterium. It helps to normaize your body’s production of sebum, clear clogged pores, and so reduce swelling, redness, and scarring.

A high success rate

These natural acne skin tratment won’t work for everyone, unfortunatelly.

That frustration is  compounded when they discuss the products available in today’s marketplace to treat acne.

If you suffer from acne your choices or paths of action to alleviate the problem have usually been limited to just two:

People of all ages have been advised to follow the gilded path laid by traditional medicine where over the over the counter remedies such as cleansers, creams, ointments, etc. are used. Unfortunately, neither have known to be useful because they fail to address the root cause of the problem.

Do you dream of having clear skin? By avoiding fatty, greasy foods like Burgers and deep-fried products, and maintaining a healthy balance of fruit and vegetables and cutting down on the amount of sugar intake you normally have, this can have a dramatic effect on the acne in the first place.

Stress is suggested as another of the major factors in whether a hitherto blemish-free person cam fall victim to this common but annoying skin complaint.

We will tell you which home remedies, holistic methods, products, and   prescriptions are most effective as well as which ones don’t work or will   make the condition worse.

This Guide is designed to help you gain a better understanding of acne….and its treatment.